Where this story begins is wanting a different kind of birthday party; one that doesn't involve piles of plastic; one that instead helps the environment; one that can be meaningful as well as fun...one that breaks the mould of regular birthday parties and introduces an entirely new way to celebrate!

Does this resonate with you?

Then make your next birthday a 

Holistic Happy one!


Our activities are suitable for kids aged 6+ and we​ can tailor make a package to suit you!


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The concept of Holistic Happy Birthdays is a simple one - engage children in fun activities that complement the holistic ethos you believe in yourself. So if you are someone who believes in protecting the environment, using ethically sourced supplies, reducing your carbon footprint, teaching your children the value of looking after their body and wellbeing, then you’ve come to the right place!


Being a busy mother of three young children and a primary school teacher, I had plenty of experience attending birthday parties.  However, I used to cringe at the junk food and sugar laden offerings during the parties, the extra sweets they got as prizes, the disposable plastic dumped in black bin bags at the end, the balloons, tattoos, glitter and the tacky plastic-filled goodie bags my children got given in class or came home with each time - all of it.  


I thought there has to be a better way to celebrate birthdays - without harming the bodies of our children and the very environment we are expecting them to grow up in.


I searched for alternatives to the regular clowns and entertainers - someone who was doing things differently but found no one.  And so dawned the idea of creating a different option, one that allowed the children to have fun whilst helping the environment, celebrating their ‘habitat’, body and mind as well as their birthday!  










Welcome to Holistic Happy Birthdays! - the alternative we’ve been wishing for!

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