Art Crafty Party!

Do you love getting creative? Using your imagination? Have you ever wanted to have a go using weird and wacky materials to create your very own designer piece of Art?!

The ARTY CRAFTY activities below are just the thing to celebrate your birthday in style this year!

Go ahead and unleash the Artist inside!


Choose any two activities:

Fronting with Bunting and Banners with Manners!

Use some unbelievable tricks to create your very own stunning bunting and get all your friends to make you feel really special by making a huge personalised birthday banner out of all natural materials!


Funky Junky Houses!

Who can make the greenest house?  You will be making models of your ideal eco--friendly house with green features such as rainwater harvesting, solar panels etc, all using cereal boxes and various other recycled materials

Brainforest a Rainforest! 

Listen to some interesting instrumentals as you conjure up a fantastic world made up of amazing creatures in your mind.  You and your friends will then be let loose to make a huge collage of this using different recycled materials and create your very own Rainforest.  How cool is that?!

T-Shirt Tie Ups!

All you and your friends need to do is bring along a favourite old t-shirt or vest top to the party.  We will then show you a couple of cool quick hacks on how to convert it into a stylish shoulder bag! Best of all - you don't even need to sew and you get to personalise it!


Paste and Plant a Pot!

Ever heard of the technique of 'decoupage'?  It's a French Art term which means pasting on different textures with glue, then leaving it to harden to a glossy finish.  You will get to try your hand at this and decorate your very own plant pot to take home.  You even get to choose a plant to put inside!

Or maybe you fancy a Foodie Smoothie Party?  A Pure Pamper Party? Or perhaps even an Eco Hero Party?

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