Eco Hero Party!

Ever thought about 'Saving the world'? Then an Eco-Hero party may be just the theme for you!  No, really! It's not as crazy as it sounds. There are simple things we can do everyday to help Planet Earth.  This party is all about doing our bit and gives you a chance to be inventive with your ideas.

Choose any two activities:

Bird Feeder Balls!

Our feathered friends often need a helping hand, especially when it's cold outside. In this activity you and your friends will be able to make your own bird feeders using completely natural resources.

Upcycling Challenge!

Ready for this? All you need to do is bring along an old pair of jeans and we'll show you an amazing hack or two that converts it into a stylish denim bag or even a rucksack! How cool is that?!

Nature Scavenger Hunt!

Grab your team mates, check your nature list! Ready? On your marks, get, set go! Who will be the quickest team to find all the objects?! Forage away for all the natural materials on this Eco hunt, then bring back your haul and with it make some Epic Eco Art!

Build a Bug Den!

Gather your natural materials together to fashion somewhere cosy for all those creepy crawlies to hang out in, in your back garden. Find out cool facts along the way! You'll be doing a great Eco deed indeed!

Or maybe you fancy a Foodie Smoothie Party?  A Pure Pamper Party? Or perhaps even an Arty Crafty Party?

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