Foodie Smoothie Party!

Consider yourself a bit of a foodie do you?! You've seen Masterchef and Bake Off and now it's your turn to get into the kitchen to conjure up something new and exciting!  Get ready for a yummy time!

Choose any two activities:

Superfood Surprise!

Know your Goji from your Emoji? Put your tastebuds to the test as you and your friends are blindfolded and asked to guess the 'mystery superfood' - team points for correct guesses!


Smoothie Selection!

Create your own cocktail as you and your friends get to select from a range of mouthwatering smoothie recipes  to sip in the party or to take home in your very own stylish smoothie jar!



It's amazing what you can do with dried fruit and a dusting of cocoa powder! Learn how to make these simple yet amazingly delicious delicacies known commonly as 'blissballs'!

Delicious Desserts!

Learn how to make the ultimate desserts that will score brownie points with your parents for their zero sugar appeal!  Using healthy alternatives to the white stuff, we show you how to still satisfy your sweet tooth!

Or maybe you fancy an Arty Crafty Party?  A Pure Pamper Party? Or perhaps even an Eco Hero Party?

Important note on allergies: If you or your friends have any allergies, it is important for your parents to fill out our allergy form to let us know in advance.

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