Foodie Smoothie Party!

Children are often not the most adventurous eaters so these activities are designed to introduce new flavours and exciting combinations of healthy ingredients to them in a fun and novel way.

Choose any two activities:

Superfood Surprise!

Children are blindfolded and asked to guess the 'mystery superfood' they are tasting - team points for correct guesses adds to the excitement!  Superfoods would be things like: chia seeds, goji berries, seaweed flakes, raw cacao nibs, mung sprouts, popped amaranth and many more.  


Smoothie Selection!

Children can select from a range of smoothie recipes or select ingredients to make up their own creation, either to drink in party or as a take home using a glass smoothie jar as a present.



Children will make simple round shapes known commonly as 'blissballs' from a mixture of different dried fruits where the main base is dates and raisins then topped with either coconut or cacao powder.

Delicious Desserts!

Children will create their ultimate dessert using superfood ingredients and healthy sugar alternatives.  They will learn amazing facts about the nutritional value of what they create too.

Important note on allergies:

All the above activities will require filling in a full allergy disclosure and parental consent form for each child.

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