Art Crafty Party!

Children love getting creative and exploring different media to show their inner imagination.

These innovative Eco-Art activities will inspire them and unleash the artist inside!

Choose any two activities:

Fronting with Bunting and Banners with Manners!

Children will use some clever tricks to create their very own stunning bunting and make the birthday boy/girl feel really special by making a huge personalised birthday banner out of all natural materials!

Funky Junky Houses!

Children will be making models of their ideal eco--friendly house with green features such as rainwater harvesting, solar panels etc, all using cereal boxes and various other recycled materials


Brainforest a Rainforest! 

This is a guided meditation exercise where a calming space is created with meditative music for the children to sit for a few mins and imagine a fantastic world made up of amazing creatures which they will then make a collage of afterwards using different recycled media to represent their very own rainforest.

T-Shirt Tie Ups!

Children are asked to bring along a favourite old t-shirt or vest top which they will convert into a stylish cloth shoulder bag! No sewing required.


Paste and Plant a Pot!

Children design and decorate their own plant pot using the technique of decoupage - pasting on different textures with glue.  Depending on the season they will get to plant seeds in these pots to take home.

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