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Updated: May 18, 2018

April 29th 2018 saw the official launch of Holistic Happy Birthdays and was featured in the Asian Lite this week!

The launch cake supplied by our partner Only Eggless!

The event was ethical and eco-friendly in keeping with our ethos! We raised funds for IAHV's Gift a Smile project helping provide holistic education to over 50,000 children in the rural areas of India and also supported Saving Our Planet's N0CO2 project to help plant trees and reduce our carbon footprint. Children were also engaged in environmental art activities at the family friendly event in Brent!

Fatema Paretha is a school teacher turned entrepreneur. A management graduate from King’s College, London, she left her job at PwC to follow her passion of teaching kids and became a primary school teacher, (PGCE from Homerton College, Cambridge). However, after working in an IB World School (International Community School) for over 10 years, Fatema has today realised her entrepreneurship and wants to make an even bigger difference in the world.  Talking to Rahul Laud from Asian Lite news, she confidently states that she wants to ‘Revolutionise the way birthdays are celebrated.’

Embarking on her entrepreneurial journey last week at the Chalkhill Community Centre, in Wembley Park, she launched her new concept ‘Holistic Happy Birthdays’ and on the occasion also raised funds for International Association for Human Values project ‘Gift a Smile’. Her new venture received huge support from the local community in the Borough of Brent. Attended by over 100 people, from different walks of life and profession, the audience included the Leader of Brent Council, Cllr Muhammed Butt and Cllr Shafique Choudhary

Spiritually driven as a volunteer of the Art of Living and environmentally conscious, Fatema narrated that her story began ”in wanting a different kind of birthday party; one that doesn’t involve piles of plastic; one that instead helps the environment; one that can be meaningful as well as fun; one that breaks the mould of regular birthday parties and introduces an entirely new way to celebrate!”

Fatema with husband and three daughters at the launch (Nitin Sachania Photography)

According to Fatema, the concept of Holistic Happy Birthdays is a simple one; she will engage children in fun activities that complement the holistic ethos that their parents believe in themselves. Fatema passionately argues that ”if you are someone who supports protecting the environment, using ethically sourced supplies, reducing your carbon footprint and teaching your children the value of looking after their body and well being, then why forget all that when it comes to celebrating birthdays?”

Being a busy mother of three young children and a primary school teacher, she had plenty of experience attending birthday parties.  However, she used to ”cringe at the junk food and sugar-laden offerings during the parties, the extra sweets they got as prizes, the disposable plastic dumped in black bin bags at the end, the balloons, tattoos, glitter and the tacky, cheap, plastic-filled goodie bags given at these birthday parties.”

Fatema is convinced that there has to be a better way to celebrate birthdays –

without harming our children and the very environment we are bringing them up in.

She searched for alternatives to the regular clowns and entertainers – someone who was doing things differently but remained disappointed as she found none. Thus her concept of a new birthday party idea was born. ”The idea of creating a different option, one that allowed the children to have fun, whilst helping the environment, celebrating their habitat, body and mind,” she explained.

Explaining the concept further she said, ”A Holistic Happy Birthday party is a plastic-free party and can be comprised of a combination of various fun activities that support its ethos.”

There are three themes to choose from:

1) Art Crafty Party

2) Foodie Smoothie Party

3) Eco Hero Party

The Arty Crafty Party includes innovative eco-activities that will inspire children to unleash the artist inside enabling them to explore and show their inner imagination using recycled media.

The second theme is the Foodie Smoothie Party

Children are often not the most adventurous eaters so the activities within this theme are designed to introduce new flavours and exciting combinations of healthy ingredients to them in a fun and novel way.

The third theme is the Eco Hero Party

This party is designed to bring out the children’s ‘I want to save the world!’ instinct.  They will get to express how they feel about their environment and show the ideas they have for making their own lives more eco-friendly.

A take-home present for the children attending results from these parties which is an added advantage to the host.

Fatema has partnered with charity’s N0CO2 project which can plant trees on your childrens’ behalf and award them a certificate for doing so.

She has also partnered with OnlyEggless cakes to provide fresh egg free cake which does not have preservatives or any hidden nasties. To make her Foodie Smoothie activities as healthy and heavenly as possible she has chosen to partner with doTerra Essential Oils who source the purest therapeutic food grade essential oil ingredients.

As part of Holistic Happy Birthdays, Fatema will also be offering In-School workshops whereby a team of professionals can visit a school to deliver workshops in various areas including Ayurveda, Alternatives to sugar and Food label reading crash courses to name a few. 

In future Fatema even plans to offer an ‘eco-shop‘ on her site where customers can buy biodegradable tableware supplies and eco-friendly decorations for parties. Enthusiastically she concluded,” I am looking for a grassroots supplier operating in this sector to partner up with.”

Those interested to host birthday parties with a difference or develop a business partnership may visit:

Article by Rahul Laud of the AsianLite Online

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