Why go balloon free?

If like me, you're really fed up of the same old, same old, regular party that you've been to a hundred times before and want something fresh - you've come to the right place. If you want some novelty and to feel good about the way your child's next birthday goes then have a read of just how different our Holistic Parties really are!

Why have a Holistic Happy Birthdays Eco Party?

The choice is clear when you understand what it actually entails and more to the point - what it doesn't!!

So what does one of our Eco Parties really look and feel like I hear you ask?!

It is everything a 'regular' birthday party is not (apart from the fun factor...oh and there's still cake!) 

With a Holistic Happy Birthdays Eco Party you will see...

No Plastic Bunting and Banners - which are often, made of foil and end up in landfill shortly after. Instead we can provide you with or give you the option to create your very own eco-friendly bunting and personalised banners for your party!

No Balloons - which can be so harmful to animals and the environment when disposed of. Instead, we'll make our own colourful decorations out of scrunched up old wrapping papers to jazz up the place and make it look uniquely yours!

No Sugar Laden Treats or Junk Food Nasties - which are freely given out at most parties. Instead you'll have healthy yummy snacks the kids will still really go for and if you're doing a foodie smoothie party - plenty of new and exciting superfoods to try out too!

No Single Use Plastic - which is the mainstay of normal parties from the plastic spoons and forks to the disposable plates, cups and straws.  Instead we will happily source these often hard to find biodegradeable supplies at a wholesale cost to you or provide you with washable/reusable tableware if you prefer.

No Loud Music or Complete Craziness - which can be quite overwhelming for some children (and adults alike!).  Instead well planned, engaging activities will have the kids completely engrossed in what they're doing. Exciting eco creations take over and meaningful memories result!

No Plastic Goodie Bags - which are the ultimate in 'waste and want nots' and usually filled with all ma

This is where your balloons could end up...

nner of cheap plastic junk.  Instead you'll be doing worthwhile activities during the party itself, leading to making something to treasure or enjoy sharing at home.

No Big Black Bin Bags Full of Plastic Trash at the end - which are often the visible signs that someone has been 'celebrating here'. Instead, with our Holistic Eco Parties we do our best to make them as zero waste as possible.  From using natural foraged resources for our art activities to using completely compostable tableware for the food to recycling/upcycling items during the party, you can be sure that you have played your part in having a sustainable celebration.

No Plastic Toys for Presents - which are the main left over you acquire if you haven't told your guests otherwise.  Instead, at Holistic Happy Birthdays we ask your guests to either gift responsibly in an eco friendly way or consider donating in your child's name to our charity partner 'Saving Our Planet', who will plant trees on your child's behalf and they will then be issued with a specially personalised certificate in return.  

I know what you're thinking...'where do I sign up?!

Take me to the booking page pleeeease!'

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